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What Are Pure Essential Oils?

 One drop of an Essential Oil requires distillation of a pound or more of any given plant. Essential Oils, now a part of our day-to-day lives, were once reserved for royal houses and apothecaries. Water or steam distillation methods extract the Essential Oils of herbaceous plant matter. Citrus rinds go through either a mechanical process or dry distillation. After the distillation phase, the Essential Oil is physically separated from the water used to distil it. What’s left are gorgeous, beautiful, amazing Essential Oils.

EOs come from many types of vegetation: leaves, flowers, roots, buds, twigs, rhizomes, heartwood, bark, resin, seeds, and fruits. Found in secretory glands or cells within a plant, Essential Oils embody each plant’s natural scent. Think about how your fingers smell after running them over a rosemary bush. Or a lavender plant in bloom. Or the minty-anise smell of fresh basil as you brush against it in your garden.  Mmm.  Wonderful gifts from the secretory cells of the plant.

Unique Blueprints for Each Essential Oil

Each Essential Oil has a unique design, replicated in no other vegetation on earth.  This distinctive design blends with the energy of the sun, the properties of the soil in which it has grown, the temperature and humidity of the air,  and the amount of water received during the growing season. All these factors create the unique perfume of each crop.  Environmental factors– water, air temperature, soil temperature, altitude and even the plants next to them will influence each crop, every growing season. Year to year, region to region, Essential Oils vary; it is one of the joys of working with pure, unadulterated Essential Oils.

Essential Oils aren’t Oily

Unlike their partners, the carrier oils derived from nuts and seeds, Essential Oils are not oily.  Some EOs are viscous in nature, while others are resinous. Most are “watery,” and these are often the easiest to use. Worldwide more than 3000 different plants produce Essential Oils, yet only 300 get commonly used.

When using Essential Oils, you’ll want to know they are pure, unadulterated and responsibly grown and harvested. At Essential, we never adulterate our EOs. We source pure, premium Essential Oils from growers all over the world to bring you the most amazing scents for your skin and body care products.


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