5 Reasons You Need a Professional Facial

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We all want to look our best and looking our best starts with a clear and glowing complexion. We buy skincare products to help our skin look its absolute best, we wear sunscreen to avoid sun damage, and do what we can at home to take good care of our skin. While these are all important steps in achieving healthy skin, there’s nothing like getting that extra TLC at a professional salon or spa. Paying for a professional facial may seem like a luxury, but here are five good reasons you should indulge on a regular basis.

1. Skin Analysis

Many people self-define their skin type, and most get it wrong. You may think you have sensitive skin, when in fact, you are just reacting to your skincare products or environmental pollutants. When you go to a professional for a facial, they will begin the session with an evaluation to determine what factors may be contributing to any skin issues you are experiencing and then develop an overall plan to address those issues. They will also select the right treatment and products for your facial based on the evaluation.

2. Professional extractions

It may be tempting to pop a pimple or pick at blackheads, but doing so can cause even more problems including infections and scarring. A professional will be able to properly prepare the skin, then perform an extraction of the offending blemish safely, with the least amount of damage to the skin.

3. Deep cleansing

Proper cleansing of the skin to remove dirt, debris, and environmental pollutants is an important part of maintaining skin’s healthy balance. Deep cleansing prepares the skin to better utilize the products applied for exfoliation, hydration, nourishment, and protection.

4. Professional facial massage

A professional facial massage will allow maximum delivery of products. The warmth from the massage encourages the nutrients from the products applied to better penetrate the skin. And, it encourages toxins to work their way out. The stimulation also brings a healthy glow to your skin that only a professional massage can produce.

5. Products and an at-home care plan developed just for you

Skin care professionals are trained to recommend the right professional products and services for you to meet your specific needs. They can also recommend the correct skin care routine for you to use at home. This information can be a turning point for many clients. Using the right products and caring for your skin in the right way based on the specific needs of your skin is a critical step to having a beautiful, glowing complexion.

Reaping the Benefits at Home

After you’ve enjoyed your professional facial, and you have a plan for taking care of your skin at home, you may think it’s all rainbows and unicorns from there and that your skin will continue to look fabulous as long as you follow your routine. This may be true for a while but you may find that your skin changes over time. These changes may be seasonal, age-related, diet related, or caused by other factors. When your skin changes, your routine may need to change as well. Getting a regular professional facial will help address changes as they occur and will help you stay ahead of your skincare needs so that your skin always looks its best.

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