exciting new products in time for summer

Exciting New Products in Time for Summer!

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We’re introducing exciting new products in time for summer you customers will love! From spring cleaning to premium face polishes for pampering and cooling gels for the athletes, you’ll find something you love in our new lineup.

For the casual or dedicated athlete, meet Arctic Blue Cooling Gel. A supremely relaxing gel that provides an icy sensation created by cooling menthol and tranquilizing spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus Essential Oils. Further enhanced with the addition of Lemongrass and White Camphor Essential Oils for a brisk scent. The vibrant ice-blue color is derived from natural ingredients. This velvety smooth consistency is perfect to rub over chatty muscles.

It pairs perfectly with the icy-hot Muscle Gel, and balance your sports-focused line out with the muscle-loving Simple OptiMSM Muscle Cream.

New Products for Curly & Coily Natural Hair

Hair care can be a guessing game when it comes to finding out what works for you. We formulated an ultra-moisturizing hair custard designed to help manage and assist curl and coil definition in natural hair. Boost shine and help give those stubborn curls real definition. This delightful custard moisturizes the hair and scalp, detangles, and leaves hair feeling supple and soft while supporting defined curls.  We’ve received rave reviews on these new custards, available unscented as the Curl Define Argan Hair Custard. Moreover, it can also be used as a rinse-out mask and a leave in conditioner.

Premium Bamboo Face & Body Polish

The new Bamboo Face & Body Polish is an exquisite product specifically made to let your customers indulge in exotic, spa-like bliss. This luxurious face & body polish was formulated with a special bamboo exfoliator to be safe for use on the face. Unlike Walnut shell powder, which is not recommended for use to exfoliate facial areas, this delightful polish can be used to exfoliate the face safely, while leaving the skin cleansed, exfoliated, and smooth. No plastic either, as those microbeads are not sustainable and not welcome here! This polish perfectly preps the skin for serums and moisturizers. It really is an experience like no other, with all the benefits of our other premium products.

Turmeric & Basil Body Wash

A fantastic addition to any body wash line is the Turmeric & Basil Body Wash. If you know health, you know the amazing benefits both Turmeric and Basil have on the inside of the body, and we’ve harnessed their attributes for you to use this spring-like wash packed with nutrients from the outside. This naturally-colored, vibrant body wash provides a deep clean while offering a refreshingly crisp scent profile blended of Holy and Sweet Basil, Organic Turmeric, and just a hint of Sweet Fennel. Ideal for any audience.

Delightful Chai Essential Oil Blend

Chai is always on the mind when you think of relaxing deliciousness, or is it just me? Chai tea is becoming a popular beverage in gourmet coffee houses. So much so, we had to make this incredibly soothing and warming blend that smells just like it! Naturally crafted with only the highest quality essential oils, this blend imparts the essence of a rich and creamy spiced chai tea latte. Perfect for use in spas, skin, and hair care products. Diffuse into a waiting room for a warm, inviting experience. No matter its use, just know that Chai really is what’s missing to make your best product extraordinary.

Spring Cleaning

Springtime brings sunshine, breezes, allergies, and the inevitable dust. Meaning with all this nice weather, some upkeep might be necessary. But don’t worry–we’ve got your back! We recently redesigned some of our household cleaners to get your brand the cleaning products fit for everyone. The Citrus Power All Purpose Cleaner is the best at what it does without harsh ingredients; we use it just about everywhere in our own facility. With White Vinegar, Borax, Peroxide and Tea Tree Oil, this cleaner can tackle any surface from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in-between! We’ve added our Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend for a fruity, and delicious smell that brightens any room. (Please note this is not for use on the body and we recommend a patch test when using on wood).

If the citrus is too much, and you’re looking for more of a relaxing experience that stills feels “clean”, our Lavender & Pine All Purpose Cleanser can give you that smell and experience your customers are looking for.


These exciting new products just in time for summer will provide your customers products that can allow them to enjoy the sunshine. Our team has filled the void the changing seasons might bring to last seasons products. Keep up with the times and make sure your line is season friendly to keep up with trends, and the newest products.

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