Everything You Need to Know About CBD Skincare

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We are launching a CBD-Inspired category and hope you’ll take advantage of this surging market trend! Derived from cannabis and hemp, CBD (aka cannabidiol) is being added to lotions, creams, oils, balms, and more. CBD skincare products have been featured in almost all major beauty publications as the market share increases, so now is the time to jump into the CBD skincare market—and we have products that are perfect for the addition of Golden CBD Oil and other extracts.

First it’s important to note we don’t offer any products with CBD, but we do have products perfect for you to add any CBD oil in your own facility. Our chief formulator has compiled a list of products ideal for use in this market; you’ll see the list at the end of the article. In the meantime, let’s break down what CBD is and how to incorporate it into your brand.

CBD & Cannabis

Cannabis, or marijuana, contains a variety of cannabinoids (compounds specific to the cannabis plant). These include THC (tetrahydracannabinol) and CBD among others, the first of which is most famous for producing a high when inhaled or ingested. Most skincare products with cannabinoids feature CBD as the star ingredient (although some do include THC), and CBD is a great option as it’s less regulated federally. Please check your state and local regulations for adding oils and extracts, however, as rules and licenses do vary.

CBD itself contains all 21 known amino acids and is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. These acids are vital to our bodies, and equally vital in skincare. CBD itself is an antioxidant considered to be more powerful than Vitamins A, C, or E. We encourage you to research further into this as the regulatory factors are changing and will affect what you can do. The FDA limits our ability to be more specific about the benefits, but you can research those as well.

CBD Skincare & Your Brand

The stigma surrounding marijuana is diminishing, and the stigma is reduced further when it comes to CBD applied topically. You cannot get high from adding it to lotions and to the skin. That said, consider adding CBD to your brand only if it makes sense for you. If you have an established customer base, it may be wise to ask them how they feel about CBD products. Perhaps they are uncomfortable and simply need to be educated about it, or perhaps they will be thrilled you’re expanding. It will be important to do your research, provide education, and stick to local regulations.

Adding to a Finished Product

If you do decide to incorporate CBD into your product line, you’ll be right on trend. Be sure to market yourself appropriately and take advantage of the growing awareness of CBD skincare. You can really get creative with how you pair it, and it might be a great idea to add a whole CBD line within your brand.

You might consider marketing it to anyone looking for soothing tired muscles, people with certain skin conditions, for mature skin and so forth. You’ll want to do your research so you can feel confident about your products, and so you can educate your customers.

You can also have us ship bulk product to a CBD-enabled filling house or contract manufacturer for them to add the CBD if you need/want large quantities of product.

CBD-Inspired Products

Our Ready for CBD category contains the type of product we’re seeing in the marketplace for skin and body care. This doesn’t mean that you couldn’t add CBD to any of our other products, this is just a list of the most requested and most common products we are seeing on the market with CBD. Keep in mind that when you add any oil or extract to a finished product, such as our Supreme Facial Serum, you’ll be changing the composition of the product. You’ll need to consider the preservation system, and for some products, you’ll need to experiment to be sure the particular additive doesn’t break the emulsion.  We can’t give you a blanket “how to” for this— as much as we’d like to— because different oils and different CBD strengths will react differently to the ingredients. Only experimenting will give you the results you need.

For those not wanting to add CBD, rest assured, this new category could as easily be called Oil-Ready or Extract-Ready, so don’t feel trapped into using CBD if you’re not ready.

Body Oils and Massage Balms
These products are anhydrous. If you add oils to the balms, you might want to add additional wax as the oil will make them softer. The oils may change color or viscosity.

  • Muscle Jelly
  • Body & Bum Balm
  • Stress Balm
  • OptiMSM Muscle Balm
  • Perfumer’s Balm
  • Massage Oil
  • Essential Exotic Face & Body Oil
  • Exotic Face & Body Oil
  • Affirming Body Oil

Body Care
Adding oils to the scrub products will make them, well, oilier.  So you may want to add additional sugar, salt or walnuts.  The lotion will have similar challenges as any emulsion.

  • Organic Turmeric & Neem Scrub
  • Organic Affirming Scrub
  • Organic Love Your Body Scrub
  • Blood Orange AHA Mint Walnut Body Scrub
  • Aloe & Jojoba Body Lotion

Facial Skincare – Cleansers and Cremes
These emulsions will require experimentation. Different oils and extracts will react differently. Start with small additions and then add to ensure your emulsion will hold.

  • Antioxidant Creme
  • Vitamin C Creme
  • DMAE & OptiMSM Creme
  • Nourishing Lip & Eye Creme
  • Paramount Facial Moisturizer
  • Paramount Facial Cleanser

Facial Exfoliant, Masques & Serums
This refrain will seem familiar – test, test, test.

  • Charcoal Creme Masque
  • Paramount Facial Serum
  • Supreme Facial Serum
  • Paramount Facial Exfoliant

These leave-on products will help skin look and feel wonderful all day long.  Adding oil will thin them out, so consider applicator choices such as treatment pumps and droppers.

  • Colorless Liquid Foundation
  • Pink Concealer
  • Zit Stick Cover up Concealer

We’ll continue to explore this trend in the coming weeks and months. We’ll be at Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas next month where we’re sure to hear more about the CBD trend, and you’ll see videos and blogs about how to add different types of ingredients to different types of products.

So check out our CBD-Inspired product line up.  Let us know what you are doing with CBD skincare.

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