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Essential’s Sustainability Score Card

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Since our beginnings, we’ve been focused on creating a sustainable skincare company.  Not only do we carefully source ingredients from sustainable producers, we invest in sustainability measures in our manufacturing and business practices. Here’s a quick update on our sustainability efforts – thank you for your support in helping us with these initiatives!

Carbon Offset Shipping

We ship thousands of packages and hundreds of pallets of products every month. Our partnership with UPS means every package and every pallet shipped with them is shipped through the UPS Carbon Offset program.

In fact, in 2017, UPS shipments from Essential offset over 350 metric tons of carbon emissions.  Metric tons are hard to get your mind around, so to help us communicate the power of 350 metric tons, we turned to the EPA’s calculator. It showed that offsetting 350 metric tons is the equivalent of avoiding the use of 40,000 gallons of gas.  Or in other terms, sequestering this amount of carbon requires 430 acres of forest trees.

Solar Powered Manufacturing

Two years ago Essential covered the entire roof of our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility with solar panels.  We’ve generated 207 MWh of energy and have off set the equivalent of 18,000 gallons of gas.  You can check out our solar stats yourself (and see when the sun is up on Portland), at our online solar monitor.

Sustainable Shipping Materials

Our shipping boxes are made from recycled material, so when you see one with our green logo stamped on it, feel free to reuse or recycle that to keep it going! All of the packing peanuts we use are compostable, too, so these are appropriate for city composts.

Every order on Sunday, April 22nd will plant 1 tree – Happy Earth Day!

This Earth Day, for every order that is placed with us online we will plant one tree. We are pleased to be able to do this and hope to plant a small forest with your support and the great work of One Tree Planted!

Please note that for every purchase of the new Pet Pack (4 excellent products in a recycled box!), for a limited time, we will also plant one tree.



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