Essential Wholesale & Labs’ Essential Oil Blends All 10% Off!

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Essential Wholesale & Labs offers a wide variety of spectacular essential oil blends which can be used as personal fragrances, in diffusers, baths, lotions, crèmes and shampoos.


 If at the end of the day you are struggling with aches and pains try our Joints Essential Oil Blend or Deep Tissue Essential Oil Blend. If your muscles and joints are cooperative but you are struggling with a young one who is not agreeable to wind down, try our Taming The Wild Child Essential Oil Blend or Baby Care Blend. If the short days and winter blues are wearing on you try our Uplifting Essential Oil Blend. Lip Plumping Essential Oil Blend is a perfect addition to lipsticks and glosses. If you and your beloved don’t believe Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, try our Romance Essential Oil Blend. Women’s Balance Essential Oil Blend is a is a perennial best seller for the ladies, while Romeo Essential Oil Blend is a favorite among men.



All these and many more are 10% off through 11/24/13. Use coupon code EOBLEND10. Sample sizes not excluded.

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