English Poppy Seed Oil – Ingredient Highlight

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Poppy seeds have long been hailed as a health food due to their high content of minerals, tocopherols and essential fatty acids.  References as far back in time as Ancient Egypt report their benefits toward improved health and well-being. The oil extracted from poppy seed also has a long history in food and nutrition as it is rich in essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. But did you know that poppy seeds also have a value as a cosmetic ingredient, particularly in hair conditioning products and in skin care?
In recent years, the white poppy (papaver somniferum) is being grown in the United Kingdom for use in pharmaceutical applications but, as a by-product of this harvest, oil-rich, edible seeds are also produced. These seeds are typically used for food applications, but their high purity and oil content makes them perfect for lipid extraction. It is exactly this established food standard supply chain that forms the basis for English poppy seed oil.

The English Poppyseed oil Essential sources is manufactured specifically for the cosmetic industry from seeds sourced in an area of the UK with ideal soil and climate conditions for growing the crop. Premium quality seeds are used to obtain the oil by careful cold pressing and light refining, giving rise to an oil of extremely high quality, freshness, and stability in which essential nutrients such as vitamin E are preserved. This short and carefully controlled supply chain ensures that the oil is optimized for cosmetic applications. A versatile and effective natural emollient, the English poppy seed oil:

  • Is non-irritating
  • Helps improve skin hydration
  • Is skin-softening
  • Makes a perfect addition to hair care products–it is useful as a hair + scalp conditioning emollient
  • Works well in lip balms, skin creams, body butters + more
  • Is a great star ingredient for sensitive skincare lines


English poppy seed oil is the star ingredient in Essential’s new Baby & Me line of natural, vegan baby & parent products. Essential Wholesale will soon be carrying English poppy seed oil for our customers to use in their formulations–stay tuned!



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