how to make a dry body oil summer after bath recipe

Dry Body Oil Recipe – Summer After Bath Oil

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Looking for the nutrients of plant oils without the greasy feeling? Try this excellent Dry Body Oil Recipe that you can easily customize with different scents.

Dry oils are great after a bath—they are designed to help moisturize the skin while absorbing quickly and avoiding oiliness. Because of this quick absorption they are called dry oils, and our recipe delivers while making skin feel incredibly soft. It has a subtle scent, but feel free to add your own essential oils to fit your brand.


The plant oils used in this recipe are predominantly carrier oils, oils derived from expeller or cold pressing nuts and seeds for extract the amazing oils within. Learn more about carrier oils and download a substitution guide in this article.

Follow along with Teeneke in the video or jump below for written instructions and links to ingredients.

Equipment You’ll Need

• Scale or measuring cups and spoons
• Whisk

Difficulty level: Easy
Cost per pound: ~$3.50
Total time to make: 15 minutes
Yield: Approximately 1 pound
Suggested packaging: 1.7-ounce airless pump
Suggested pricing: ~$7 – $15

Ingredients – Dry Body Oil

• 1 Cup Daikon Seed Extract – Learn more about daikon seed oil, which we also refer to as Daikon Seed Extract, in this blog
• 1 Cup Meadowfoam Seed Oil
• 2 Tsp Benzoate Ester
• 2 Tsp Evening Primrose Oil
• 2 Tsp Rosehip Seed Oil
• ¼ Tsp Non-GMO Vitamin E
• ⅛ Tsp Bouquet Essential Oil Blend

dry body oil after bath ingredients


1. Gently mix together all ingredients.
2. Pour into packaging.
3. Use after bath or shower for beautiful summer skin!

This formula has not been challenge tested for preservation efficacy. If you use this formula for market sales, it is up to you to ensure the safety of the product.

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