DIY Felted Soap

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What do you do when a batch of soap doesn’t turn out quite like you planned? Turn it into felted soap!

 Felted soap 1

Felt, also called wool roving, can be used to save either cold process or melt and pour soap that, in one way or another, didn’t turn out exactly the way you want. Wool roving is available in a wide variety of colors and is typically sold in 12” lengths. It can be purchased online of at your local fabric store.


Simply wrap your bar of soap with a length of roving.



Once the entire length of roving has been wrapped around the bar lengthwise, dip the wrapped bar in hot water and work the roving with your fingers, rubbing and squeezing and shaking the bar.


This will agitate the fibers causing them to shrink like a wool sweater in the washing machine. As the fibers shrink they will tighten, locking together and sealing the bar inside. Once you have wrapped one length, you can wrap a second length of roving widthwise. Once again, when the roving has been wrapped around the bar, dip the wrapped bar in hot water and work the felt with your fingers, causing it to shrink, latching onto the first length of roving.


Now, to squeeze out excess water, roll up your felted soap in a square of bubble wrap, and pat dry with a paper towel.


Allow to dry for 24 hours.


It is now ready to use! As the soap is used up, the roving will continue to shrink along with the diminishing bar, turning it into a long lasting soapy washcloth. Enjoy!

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