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Developing Your Outdoor-Focused Skin & Hair Care Line

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Essential offers a wide variety of products, many of which can be easily marketed as seasonal, sport, camping, and general outdoor experience-inspired. As a company that calls the Pacific Northwest our home, seasonal products have a huge role in the market. When the sun only graces you for a few months out of the year, you can bet that everyone is itching to get outside and take advantage of everything Spring and Summer have to offer. But whether in a place where the sun shines briefly or year-round, your customers will be looking for the perfect outdoor products to accompany their sunny adventures. With everything from swimming, hiking, camping, sunbathing, and sporting, you’ll want to make sure you have some products lined up to take advantage of the outdoor skin & hair care boom.

We will go over some of our stock bases and how they can be used and marketed to accompany these outdoor activities. Many products that are marketed for use as one thing, or to solve one problem, are far more universal and may be hiding some very special traits that make them incredibly useful and valuable during certain outdoor activities.



Though charcoal is an incredibly popular ingredient in skincare products such as creams and face masks, this powerful ingredient is the perfect natural solution to help strip the hair of chlorine after those long days at the pool. Active charcoal carbon is a popular material found in many filters to most effectively remove chlorine particles from water. Using a charcoal-based product on the hair and body after a swim can also assist in cleansing the scalp, hair, and skin after spending time in chlorine treated water and salt water. Indoor or outdoor swimming takes a toll on the skin and hair, but your outdoor skin & hair care line can be just what they need!

Mango Charcoal Face & Body Wash:

This product can easily be used and marketed as an after-swim hair shampoo and body wash to help cleanse the hair, scalp, and skin of harsh chlorine. This product comes packed with nutrient-rich ingredients and has been scented with our popular and summer-appropriate Mango Natural Fragrance Oil. Pair with our Mango Deep Conditioner, and our Mango Sea Salt Spray for the perfect after-swim hair revival set.

Vital Skin Face & Body Cleanser & Purifying Conditioner (Sulfate-free):

These products can easily be paired to offer an activated charcoal-focused after-swim duo to cleanse and hydrate. They contain no added sulfates or parabens and are packed with other nourishing ingredients. Add on our Vital Skin Face & Body Astringent for a perfect after-swim head-to-toe cleansing set.

Leave-In Detangler Spray:

Anyone with long hair knows how difficult it can be to comb through after a long swim. Even after the hair has been washed, conditioned, and dried. This product provides a gentle slip to help alleviate the discomfort of combing through hair that has spent hours in the pool.


Camping & Hiking:

There are many things that the average person takes with them when camping or hiking. From pesky bugs, over heated and dried out skin, sore muscles, and dirt and grime on themselves and their pets. Experienced campers and hikers know the importance of having outdoor skin & hair care products at their disposal to ensure their trip doesn’t take an uncomfortable turn.

Don’t Bug Me Jojoba Spray Lotion & Camping Body Stick:

This hydrating spray lotion doesn’t just provide moisture to the skin but has been blended with our Don’t Bug Me Essential Oil Blend, making it a must-have when spending extended periods of time outdoors. Pair with our Camping Body Stick to provide a thicker layer of hydration and protection to targeted areas and you have yourself the perfect outdoor power duo.

Muscle Gel & Arctic Blue Cooling Gel:

Help clients soothe tired bodies after a long hike, swim, or a less-than-ideal night’s sleep with our popular Muscle Gel and new Arctic Blue Cooling Gel (just released!). Your customers will get some icy-hot relief from the Muscle Gel while enjoying organic aloe and the power of menthol and capsicum. Or, a crisp burst of cooling and soothing from the cooling gel with menthol and spearmint.

Barrier Balm:

This USDA Certified Organic balm is not only great for moisturizing dry, cracked skin, but also works as a fantastic guard against chafing. The perfect defense for your clients on those long summer walks.

Leave-In Detangler Spray & Dry Shampoo:

Your clients may not always have a convenient shower opportunity while camping. Pair our Leave-In Detangler Spray with our Dry Shampoo to create a perfect duo to keep hair of all types manageable during extended periods outdoors.

No Rinse Hand Cleanser & EcoSuds:

With no sinks or hand soap around it is essential for outdoor enthusiasts to have a reliable way of cleansing their hands before prepping food or after using the bathroom. This no-rinse hand cleanser is perfect and contains Organic Aloe and a mild scent of Lavender that should not attract any unwanted guests.

For longer camping trips, a must have is a biodegradable soap. Our EcoSuds are a simple and effective version suitable for washing dishes, clothes, and your clients themselves. Do be mindful of wastewater guidelines by ensuring you disclose that users should avoid disposal of this product directly into any body of water, especially near the banks.

pH Balanced Pet Wash & Pet Conditioner:

Many people have furry friends that join them on their outdoor adventures. And, despite how much we love them, the truth is that our pets can sometimes be kind of gross. Offering a travel or other appropriately sized Pet Shampoo & Conditioner duo can be a life saver when old Sparky ends up rolling around in a dirt and mud bath just for the fun of it.



Aloe Gels

We offer a large selection of Aloe Gels that are perfect for those clients who love to spend extended periods of time on the beach. We offer a wide range of gels that are perfect for soothing skin in every variation from our unscented Simple Aloe Gel, all the way to our Mango Soothing Aloe Gel, Moscow Mule Aloe Gel, and Shirley Temple Aloe Gel with scents reminiscent of summer cocktail favorites.



Body Powder:

Our Body Powder is a silky-smooth powder that can be used from head to toe and features one of natures best deodorizers. Perfect as a foot powder for athletes or for those just partaking in casual sporting events, such as team softball or a casual game of volleyball on the beach.


Offering a small and portable sized deodorant to clients who spend elongated periods of time outdoors can be essential. When the heat hits, and the sweat increases, clients will be glad to have an easy to use (and non-aluminum) option on hand.

Yoga Mat Spray:

Yoga is a huge market and continues to grow, and many people enjoy participating in the activity on their patios, at the beach, and even in group meetups at parks and other recreational locations. The yoga enthusiast will find new and exciting outdoor environments to enjoy a session and will be pleased to have a cleansing product at their fingertips to cleanse the unavoidable sweat off their favorite mat. Cause as relaxing as yoga may look…it isn’t easy, and you work up a sweat fast, especially when outdoors in direct heat.

Muscle Gel & Arctic Blue Cooling Gel:

Help client’s sooth-tired muscles after a long hike, swim, or a less-than-ideal night’s sleep with our popular Muscle Gel and new Arctic Blue Cooling Gel. Your customers will get some icy-hot relief from the muscle gel while enjoying organic aloe and the power of menthol and capsicum. Or, a crisp burst of cooling and soothing from the cooling gel with menthol and spearmint.

Simple OptiMSM Muscle Cream:

This delightful rub is a great alternative to clients who prefer the feel of a cream over a gel. It also takes a bit longer to absorb which allows for longer massaging into the desired areas to soothe and relieve while providing a boost of moisture and hydration.

Bath Salt Soak:

This soothing bath soak is perfect after a long day on the field or at the beach. With a perfect blend of Sea, Epsom, and Dendritic Salts, your clients will enjoy the soothing and relaxing experience of adding this blend to a hot bath. It is also endlessly customizable–try adding menthol crystals, botanicals, or essential oils.


Packaging Tips:

When deciding how to package your outdoor skin & hair care products, it’s important to keep in mind the lifestyle of your target audience. Since this list is for those people spending prolonged time outdoors whether it be hiking, camping, swimming, yoga, or a casual game of frisbee, your packaging should be accommodating.

Try using smaller sizes, in durable packaging with easy-access closures. Think travel kits and ensure your products can be easily packed while remaining portable for those constantly on the go.

Did any of these ideas surprise you? Do you feel confident in adding products like this to your line, or have any other ideas?

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