Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – Ingredient Highlight

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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant, fat-soluble vitamin-like substance found in every cell of the body. In fact, without this potent antioxidant, cells are unable to produce energy and function properly. Found in cells of plants, bacteria, animals, and people, CoQ10 is used to make energy needed for growth and healthy function. CoQ10 is found in highest concentrations in the kidneys, heart, and pancreas.

CoQ10 – Critical for Youthful Looking Skin

In addition to its vital function within cells, CoQ10, when applied topically, can also help skin appear more youthful. Generally, after the age of thirty optimum levels of CoQ10 in the skin begin to decline. CoQ10 is not only critical to the cells ability to produce energy, it’s also critical to the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is important because it makes skin appear firm and smooth, while elastin gives your skin the appearance of flexibility and elasticity. The loss of collagen and elastin can cause your skin to appear wrinkled and sagging.

Where to Find CoQ10

CoQ10 is an important ingredient in both Ultimate Serum and Supreme Serum from Essential.

The best of the best – Essential’s Ultimate Facial Serum is our most advanced weapon against time – a must-have in everyone’s serious skincare line. The delightfully delicate scent of rose leads the experience, as the light and comforting, velvety-soft organic aloe-based serum glides over the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished. Featuring super-tonifying DMAE, skin loving oils and moisturizing glycerin, with clarifying alpha hydroxy acids, moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, supportive CoQ 10, pro-vitamin B5, B3 and more! This serum truly is the ultimate in skin care serums!

Essential’s Supreme Facial Serum is our answer to your request for the Ultimate Serum, but minus the propylene glycol. True to its name, this serum has it all and then some (but of course no PG!). This superb, rejuvenating elixir will amaze and delight both you and your customers, as it helps to tone, hydrate, soften and revitalize, targeting all those ravages of time beautifully.
In a base of delicate rose distillate and organic aloe, featuring super-tonifying DMAE, skin-loving oils and moisturizing glycerin, with clarifying alpha hydroxy acids and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and CoQ 10 – this serum reigns Supreme – it is a must have in everyone’s serious skin care line.


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