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Citrus Burst Room Spray Recipe

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This easy-to-make Citrus Burst Room Spray leaves any room smelling fresh and clean every time without all of the harsh, synthetic chemicals you find in other sprays. Ideal for leaving in the bathroom or any room that needs a bright pick-me-up. If citrus isn’t your thing, feel free to add any essential oil or essential oil blend of your choosing to create a whole line of room sprays that suits your brand and your customers. Citrus, peppermint, lavender, seasonal fragrances, or any of your own custom blends!

We have also created a finished version of this product, the Citrus Body & Linen Spray, so feel free to create your own version or try out those different scents. Unsure where to start with scents? Check out this guide to learn more about the 40+ most popular essential oils.

Follow along with Teeneke or jump below to get links for ingredients and full instructions.

Equipment You’ll Need

• Measuring spoons
• Small mixing bowl


• ½ Gallon Body & Linen Spray
• 3 Tbsp Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend (or any other essential oil blend)
• 3 Tbsp Polysorbate 20 (OPTIONAL)

Directions – Citrus Burst Room Spray

1. Mix Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend with Polysorbate 20. If you do not want to use the Polysorbate 20, the essential oils will separate from the spray but you can simply shake the bottle before each use.
2. Add to ½ Gallon Body & Linen Spray and shake well.
3. Pour off into spray bottles and use anytime your bathroom or any other room needs freshening.

If you need additional help, please contact us at or 866-252-9639.

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6 months ago

Is a preservative not needed?

Brandon Paul(@brandon-paul)
6 months ago
Reply to  Sarah

Hi Sarah!
The preservative is in the base – no additional preservative is needed.

Martha O Mahony
6 months ago

I love your recipes as it’s not very long since I’ve.began using essential oils for nemerous issues for great effect.