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Choose Your Adventure: Beach or Camping Packs!

Written by: | June 12, 2018 | 6 responses

It’s time to choose your own adventure, just in time for summer! Whether seeking out mango-scented beaches or exploring the woods on a camping trip, we have 2 new packs that introduce customers to a range of great-smelling products that are effective and available in bulk soon.

Welcome to Mango Beach

Created with summer beach days in mind, the Mango Beach Pack is a luxurious mango-scented blend of style and effectiveness. This pack is ready for both accessible and high-end markets, filled with products we love.

Mango Sea Salt Spray

When it comes to cool, easy style, beach waves are definitely here to stay. Keep ingredients simple and clear, just like your hair routine, for mango-scented locks that have texture, body, and casual waves.

Mango Deep Conditioning Hair Masque

After sun, sand, and salt, your hair might need a little extra love. Use this yummy deep conditioning hair masque after the wash, let sit for a few minutes, and reap the benefits of healthy and happy hair.

Mango + Charcoal Face & Body Wash

Harness activated charcoal in this attractively dark Face & Body Wash. Now is the time to offer charcoal products and their excellent cleansing ability, and you can do it with a lovely and subtle mango scent.

Mango Soothing Aloe Gel

After a day on the beach chances are your skin needs a little soothing aloe, so grab this Mango Gel. Using organic aloe to cool and soothe, it’s great after sunny days. It also doubles as a no-rinse hand cleanser, perfect after a swim and before that beach picnic!

Refreshing Vegan Lip Balm

The sun and sea (and depending on where you are, wind) can dry out lips and leave them chapped when you most want to be hydrated. We love this vegan lip balm scented with peppermint to refresh when the sun gets a little too hot.

Embark on your Camping Adventure!

This pack is designed for all your camping adventures. Featuring five products reformulated for the woods, this pack is a great gift just in time for summer. From muscles, to bugs, to staying clean, this pack has you covered.

Body Stick

Keep skin hydrated after water and dust dry it out with our easy to use, roll-on body stick. Subtly scented with citronella to naturally say “Bug Off” to unwanted pests, you’ll love how it leaves your hands clean but moisturizes skin exactly where you need it. Using natural nut butters as a base, we love its fast absorption.

Muscle Gel

A favorite product no matter your location, soothe tired muscles after a hike, swim, or a less-than-ideal night’s sleep. You’ll get some icy-hot relief in an easy-to-use roll-on container, while enjoying organic aloe leaf gel and the power of menthol and capsicum.

Camping Spray Lotion with Zinc

Sprays are great for camping and an easy way to stay moisturized. This jojoba-based spray has a few camping-specific ingredients however: citronella from our “Don’t Bug Me” line, and zinc for those sunny days. It rubs in quickly and leaves skin soft and supple.


A requirement for any camping trip should be biodegradable soap. Meet EcoSuds, our simple and effective version suitable for washing dishes, clothes, and yourself. Do be mindful of wastewater guidelines surrounding bodies of water however!

No Rinse Lavender Hand Cleanser

Before preparing food or after the bathroom it’s always hard to keep hands clean while camping. This no-rinse cleanser is perfect for this, and has a mild scent of lavender that shouldn’t attract any unwanted guests. Created with organic aloe and organic lavender, it’s our favorite go-to.


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