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CBD-Infused Products at Essential

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We are excited to announce that we are now selling CBD-Infused products!

Now you can finally purchase your favorite Essential products enhanced with pure, tested CBD isolate. Our new line of CBD-Infused products uses 300mg/ounce, about 3 times higher than industry standards. These CBD products not only deliver the highest quality CBD, they also retain their excellent skin-loving, rejuvenating benefits.

The Indie Beauty industry continues to evolve, and given the USDA’s 2018 Farm Bill and other regulatory changes, we are now able to offer a range of CBD-infused products that meet our exacting standards. In addition, you can now add CBD to your own custom formulas or add CBD to a wide range of other products in our catalog: just check out our “CBD-Ready” product page!

As you might imagine, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with a lot of customers and a lot of CBD manufacturers recently. The following is a FAQ with our answers to some of the questions they have asked us:

How Do You Source Your CBD?

After extensive research, we selected Mile High Labs to supply our CBD isolate. We have chosen a company that exclusively produces CBD, without any identifiable traces of THC (the active compound in marijuana that produces a ‘high’). Their CBD is rigorously tested, and although more expensive than some suppliers, they have an excellent reputation and industry-leading processes.

Why CBD Isolate Instead of CBD Oil?

Although isolate is often more expensive than CBD or Hemp oil, you more clearly know what you are getting and can fully remove THC, thereby removing a major regulatory and marketing risk. Oils typically have higher trace amounts of THC, and we are avoiding oils for that reason. If we find a suitable oil we may begin using it in the future.

Additionally, the isolate can also be added to a solubilizer easily, allowing us to add it to water products. This means we are not limited to emulsions and oil blends, but we can make toners, sprays, and spritzes. This can help your new line stand out from the rest of the market and create other leave-on products that have largely been ignored.

What Is CBD again?

Cannabis, or marijuana, contains a variety of cannabinoids (compounds specific to the cannabis plant). These include THC (tetrahydracannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) among others, the first of which is most famous for producing a high when inhaled or ingested.

Most skincare products with cannabinoids feature CBD as the star ingredient (although some do include THC), and CBD is a great option as it’s less regulated federally. Please check your state and local regulations for adding oils and extracts, however, as rules and licenses can vary.

How Does CBD Work in Skin Care?

Hemp contains all 21 known amino acids and is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. These acids are vital to our bodies, and equally vital in skincare. CBD itself is an antioxidant considered to be more powerful than Vitamins A, C, or E.

Humans (and other animals) have an endocannabinoid system. These endocannabinoids function as neurotransmitters, interacting with cannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system. CBD is a cannabinoid and is linked with this neural system.

We encourage you to research further into this as the regulatory factors are changing and will affect what you can do. The FDA limits our ability to be more specific about the benefits, but you can research those as well.

This information is largely an excerpt from another of our blog’s about CBD and skin care, and you can read more here.

Which Products are CBD-Infused?

One of the largest niches in the CBD skin care market is for sports and muscle relief. Our first round of products includes three in that realm, with five customer favorites in total for the launch. We have planned the second round of products to release, so do keep your eye out for more! In the meantime, the first round includes:

CBD-Infused Arctic Blue Cooling Gel – Provides cooling relief and is particularly great before a workout. Its bright minty scent and delicate blue color feel refreshing without being overwhelming, and this is already a staff favorite.

CBD-Infused Muscle Gel – One of our most popular products reaches new heights with 300mg/oz of CBD. Not only do you feel the icy and hot sensations from menthol and capsaicin, CBD works its magic for maximum relief. A must-try.

CBD-Infused Simple OptiMSM Muscle Cream – Step up soothing skin care with this wonderful all-over muscle cream. Relax and nourish skin while showing some love to muscles with this minty, moisturizing cream.

CBD-Infused Sensitive Skin Massage & Body Oil – This excellent massage and body oil isn’t just for spas, it can be used all over the body at any time to nourish with antioxidant-rich ingredients. It’s a light and nut-free oil, making it ideal for the full range of clients in any setting.

CBD-Infused Rejuvenating Skin Oil – A premium oil that makes its debut as a CBD-Infused oil serum in this line up. This is the high-end player of the group, ready to go in 1-ounce glass droppers and luxury packaging. Target beauty and aging-focused markets with this rose and jasmine-rich oil ideal for clients 40 and older.

(Keep an eye out for the second round of products and additions to our Ready-to-Label line too.)


How to Start Your Own CBD Skin Care Line

Now that you have a range of products available, there may be a few considerations in the CBD world that are different from normal skin care.

-You may have to educate your customers on what CBD is, to let them know that it cannot get you high, and has legitimate benefits. The market has expanded quickly so this may not be relevant to your audience, but be prepared with some science to back up your answers.

-With so many competing products on the market, there is some need to reassure consumers that these are the real deal. This is in part why we chose to add ~3x the amount of CBD compared to other popular products on the market and source pure CBD isolate from a market-leading manufacturer.

-If you choose to add CBD to a product of your choice by going the semi-custom route, we can create products for you with anywhere from 1mg/ounce up to 1500mg/ounce (though the latter is obviously expensive and well beyond market requirements).

-Check your local regulations – in Oregon and most states it is now legal to sell CBD-only products without any special license or certification.

-Market to stand out and reassure your customers that this is in line with your brand, equally high quality as your other products, and takes the pain out of deciding which of the hundred of products they should buy.


Whether you’ve been waiting for this moment or have been mixing product on your own, you can now easily and safely enter the CBD market and take advantage of this growing trend. We’ve done the research and heavy lifting—now it’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity. We’d love to hear how you have chosen to launch CBD-Infused products!



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