A Trend Towards Sustainability – Water Use in Cosmetics

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We all know that sustainability is in, and many brands have been working hard to ensure they are formulating with less water. As it becomes a more protected resource, brands will have to make considerations for how that will impact their product choices. The industry will most likely be seeing an increase in anhydrous (water-free) […]

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seagrass ocean essential wholesale donate beach pack

Offset your Carbon Footprint — Help Save Seagrass

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With the introduction of our new mango beach products, not only will you be ready to make some waves — you’ll also be working with us to support the SeaGrass Grow Campaign a project of the Ocean Foundation.  For order of Mango Beach products, $1 will be donated to the SeaGrass Grow campaign of The […]

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Moving Away From Palm Oil

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Like many of you, we are intentionally reducing our use of palm. When we must use it, we source the most sustainable palm products available. We wanted to mention the issues with most palm products, how we source the sustainable alternatives, and highlight our concerted shift away from palm. By now you probably know that  […]

Solar-powered skincare at Essential Wholesale & Labs!

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As you think about how to increase your sustainability footprint, using skincare made at a solar-powered manufacturing facility is one giant step you can take. Solar technology may seem like a relatively recent phenomenon- with small solar panels powering street lights, homes, bus stops and even some very high-tech cars, as well as the huge […]

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Feed your Face with these easy, DIY recipes!

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Non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, locally grown, sustainable. These familiar certifications and designations signal to consumers that the food product we’re looking at was produced without conventional pesticides, using ecologically viable farming practices, and sold through an intentional, local market. These and other standards, like safety and food traceability, are the ideas behind the “Farm-to-Table” movement—a familiar concept […]

Growing seasons and essential oils: a guide

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It’s finally spring here in Portland, and those long winter months of near-constant rain and chilly temperatures have paid off in the form of a city of flowers in full bloom. We’re affectionately nicknamed the “City of Roses,” after all! In Essential’s Northwest neighborhood, floral scents abound as magnolias, cherry trees, tulips, dogwoods, lilacs, and […]

Sign Up & Plant a Tree

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As part of Essential’s ongoing sustainability initiative, with every newsletter sign up we receive for the month of March, we will give back to our natural world by planting a tree in an area of the world that needs it most.

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Sustainability 2017: Your products are eco-friendly, but what about your packaging?

Written by: | March 7, 2017 | 10 responses

Editor’s note: Essential Wholesale & Labs believes in implementing sustainable practices wherever possible. This year, we will feature a series of blogs on the topic of corporate sustainability, including industry-wide trends and practices we’re seeing. In today’s blog we’ll take about eco-friendly packaging choices and how important they are to your brand. Choosing your product’s cosmetic packaging is exciting—it’s […]

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Essential’s Sustainability Commitment

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Our Sustainability Mission Sustainability is more than a buzz word at Essential. Essential’s sustainability commitment shows in our business practices, responsible sourcing, and in our giving back to the community. These efforts reflect our core values: every team member, every product, every day. Working together with our customers, suppliers, and business partners, we continually strive to […]

Moringa Oil – Ancient Secret to Youthful Skin

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Discover Sustainable Moringa Oil for Skin and Hair Moringa Oil is a product of the Moringa oleifera is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree. Native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India, Moringa is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas regions including Central and South America, Africa, the Philipines, and Hawaii. The Moringa tree […]