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Scaling Up Your Production: Not Just Multiplication

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Scaling up products from a home batch to larger-scale production often presents many surprising challenges. It is not simply a matter of multiplication to get the same end product—the very nature of large scale production changes heating and cooling times, temperatures, ratios, and more. Instead of receiving an unpleasant shock between prototype and production phases, […]

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Determining the Shelf Life of Your Products

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A product’s shelf life is the range of time a product, stored following the specific instructions by the manufacturer, will be usable. Since this is a broad description,  it can be interpreted in multiple ways, however, in our industry, it’s tied to a formula breaking over time, or bacteria or other undesirable build up. In […]

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Success Tips for Developing your Product Line: Formulations

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For most of us, developing a new skincare product or product line is exciting, scary, exhilarating, and full of ‘blanks’ in your knowledge bank.  Few of us know everything about bringing a skincare product to market and working with all the suppliers, vendors and partners you need to be successful. This blog will share with […]

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Skincare Packaging Basics: Choosing the Right Material for your Product

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When you are getting ready to choose your skincare packaging — which we recommend you do as early in your skincare launch plan as possible– you’ll want to pay attention to the material of that package and how it will, or won’t react with your product. Natural, green skincare products are full of great ingredients […]

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Extending the Shelf Life of Cosmetics

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Knowing the shelf-life of your cosmetic product is a key to understanding how you will package, promote, store, and manage inventory, including safety stock and projecting sell-through.  Short shelf lives probably mean you’ll want smaller size containers and cool storage with a small amount of safety stock. Longer shelf lives give you more flexibility.  That […]

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Weight vs. Volume When Measuring Ingredients (Finished Products, too!)

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Weight vs. Volume; What’s the Big Deal? Which weighs more; a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks? You may have heard this riddle in middle school, and you may have even gotten the answer right. They both WEIGH a ton, however, your brain may have pictured a ton feathers and how you would […]

The Quality Assurance Process At Essential Wholesale & Labs

The Quality Assurance Process at Essential Wholesale & Labs

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Natural & Organic Product Quality Assurance Products you purchase from Essential have been through a minimum of a seven-day quality assurance process to verify consistency in color, viscosity, scent, pH and of course, to ensure the product is free from microbial bacteria, yeast, and mold (fungus). The only exception is for anhydrous products like oil […]

Creating Custom Skincare Products Part 2 – Developing Your Bill of Material

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A bill of material is a critical document for you and your manufacturer. When you started down the path of creating your own indie beauty brand, you were probably excited about creating a great product. You were probably less excited about the ins and outs of manufacturing, filling, and getting your product shelf-ready. In fact, some […]

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Evaluating Natural and Organic Cosmetic Manufacturers

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So you think you might be ready to scale up production of your skincare, hair care and body care products.  Where do you start?  How do you select from all of the natural and organic cosmetic manufacturers available? What questions should you ask? What criterion should you use?  Those are great questions and ones that […]

Alcohol as a Preservative in Skin Care

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Alcohol has received a lot of bad press when it comes to skincare, personal care & cosmetics. So why on earth would Essential Wholesale & Labs use it as a preservative in our premium quality Organically Preserved Bases? Well, I can tell you that it is with extreme fondness that we use this. Not only […]

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