Emulsifying Wax – Ingredient Highlight

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It is common knowledge that oil and water don’t mix under normal circumstances.  In cosmetic chemistry the solution to blending two immiscible (unblendable) liquids are emulsions.   Simply put, an emulsion is the suspension of one liquid in another liquid. There are more technical definitions, but for now, let’s stick with this simple definition. If you […]

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dimethicone in cosmetics what how

Dimethicone in Cosmetics

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If you read the ingredient list on some of the most popular cosmetic brands, one ingredient you’ll see often is dimethicone. But what is dimethicone and why is it used in cosmetics? Dimethicone Dimethicone, also known as polydimethylsiloxane, is a silicone-based organic polymer. It’s essentially a lab-produced silicone oil considered generally inert and non-toxic. Dimethicone […]

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Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

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The Kalahari Desert isn’t exactly the place you’d picture watermelons growing, but surprisingly, Kalahari melons grow all across the desert. Also referred to as wild watermelon the African Citrullus lanatus species is an ancestor of the watermelon that most of us are familiar with. However the fruit of the Kalahari Melon is bitter and not at all like […]

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vegetable glycerin skincare cosmetics serum recipe

Vegetable Glycerin – Ingredient Highlight

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Glycerin is a quiet, unsung hero in hair and skincare products. It’s found in most cosmetic products, but it rarely gets featured as a key ingredient. Glycerin could really be considered a foundational ingredient for building hair and skincare products. Powerful humectant properties draw moisture into the skin and hair and form a barrier helping to […]

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calendula marigold skincare anti aging

Calendula – Simple Magic in your Garden!

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Calendula is a rather unassuming magical flower found in abundance in most gardens.  Most of us would correctly identify calendula as a marigold. What you might not know is that there are many different species of marigold that don’t have the same benefits for skin and hair as the commonly known “pot marigold”. This hearty […]

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natural color skincare cosmetics how to

Using Natural Colors for Your Beauty Products

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A very commonly requested item from our customers is “how to create natural colors”. We are seeing a shift finally in the natural cosmetic world where the “natural colors” such as tans, khakis and creams (most commonly referred to as “granola”) are no longer the indication of natural. Nature is vibrant in colors and we […]

Mango Butter – Tropical Magic for Hair and Skin

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Mango is a delicious and refreshing tropical summertime treat, and mango butter is an especially great way to treat your hair and skin! As the name implies, mango butter comes from mangos, but not the fruit. Mango is derived from the fruit kernel, the giant seed inside of the mango. Mango butter is soft and […]

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lavender oil skincare plant how to

Lavender – The Plant and its Use in Skin Care

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Lavender is one of the most well-known herbs and the ambassador of aromatherapy to many people. An iconic addition to almost all postcards of southern France, it’s well-loved in aromatherapy, skin care, and hair care. We’ll discuss the plant itself, its versatility, and how to use it in cosmetics. The Lavender Plant Although available in […]

bromelain pineapple skincare

Bromelain – A Natural Exfoliant

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Bromelain in Skincare Meet bromelain! A natural exfoliant found in pineapple and used extensively throughout skincare. Bromelain is a complex of protein-metabolizing enzymes and it breaks down proteins (think about that tingle on your tongue after eating a lot of pineapple). This makes it fabulous when it comes to sloughing off dead skin cells. It […]

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Variations in Oils and Other Natural Products

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Maybe you’ve ordered the same oil two separate times, from the same company, and the oils don’t match. It’s very possible for the same oil to have a different color or even consistency from one batch to the next. But this is no cause for alarm— variation in oils and in batches are standard whenever […]

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