How to thicken soap, shampoo, and body wash

How to Fix The Viscosity of Body Wash and Shampoo

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Is your shampoo or body wash too watery? Or too thick? Sometimes as we add ingredients such as essential oils or tinctures to a wash or shampoo, and it can become too thin or watery. Alternatively, products may become thicker than you want for your packaging and you’d like to thin it down. In this […]

5 Common Sense Ideas for Combating Seasonal Allergies

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5 Common Sense Ideas for Seasonal Allergies Seasonal allergies make us feel truly miserable, and as pollen counts continue to skyrocket, there appears to be no end in sight to our suffering. Below are some common sense, no-nonsense ideas to help you and yours find a little relief this summer. And while of course we recommend using natural and […]

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4 Summer Vacation Essentials

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Essential’s Natural and Organic Summer Vacation Must-Haves   School is out and you and your family are getting ready to head out on summer vacation. Whether you have planned a luxurious vacation by the pool or a camping adventure, we have some summer vacation essentials that you don’t want to leave behind. No. 1: Room/Car/Tent/Body Spray […]

Natural and Organic Cleaning – Bring in Spring the Essential Way

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Natural and Organic Cleaning – Bring in Spring the Essential Way Spring is here in all its beautiful flowery glory, birds are singing, plants are showing their first buds, and summer is just around the corner! After a long, long winter it’s time to throw open the windows, let in that fresh spring air, and […]

Go Green for Spring Cleaning

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Spring is just around the corner, and here in the Pacific Northwest it has already arrived. After a long overcast rainy winter the Sun is beginning to shine, the days are warming, cherry trees are budding and plum trees are in bloom. It won’t be long before Portland streets are lined with trees covered in blossoms of pink and purple, heralding the time for spring cleaning!