Creating FDA Compliant Labels

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To enter into the cosmetic market, it is important to create proper and compliant labels. The cosmetic label is usually the principal display panel of the product and needs to comply with labeling laws that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) lays out. The FDA standardizes cosmetic labeling laws under the authority of both the […]

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Demystifying Organic Certification

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Meeting the Increased Demand for Certified Organic Products The demand for certified organic ingredients and certified organic products seems to be getting greater by the day. At Essential Wholesale & Labs, we receive an almost constant stream of questions about organic ingredients, about formulating organic bases and about labeling and marketing organic products. It’s no […]

The Quality Assurance Process at Essential Wholesale & Labs

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Natural & Organic Product Quality Assurance Products you purchase from Essential have been through a minimum of a seven-day quality assurance process to verify consistency in color, viscosity, scent, pH and of course, to ensure the product is free from microbial bacteria, yeast, and mold (fungus). The only exception is for anhydrous products like oil […]

Understanding Organic Certification for Cosmetics

Written by: | August 28, 2017 | 3 responses

  Using “Organic” On your Product Label You see just how popular “organic” products are as soon as you walk into any grocery store, big box store, local coop or salon, etc. Organic is everywhere and that’s a good thing. With the organic personal care market expected to grow to $15B annually by 2020, this […]

Essential Gets Leaping Bunny Certified

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Are you a consumer who consciously supports companies that sell ‘cruelty-free’ cosmetic products? Maybe you run your own natural & organic cosmetics company and hope to gain cruelty-free certification for your business?  In either case, it is important to understand how to spot products that are affiliated with a legitimate certifying body, and how to gain a ‘cruelty-free’ certification designation […]

Essential Replaces EDTA in Cosmetic Formulations

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EDTA, a common ingredient found in skin and hair care products, is an effective chelating agent, binding to metal ions making emulsions more stable and allowing washes and soaps to develop that thick, rich lather we love. EDTA also helps boost preservative effectiveness making it a standard choice for cosmetic formulators. However, as consumers are […]

The Honest Company: A Manufacturer’s Perspective

Written by: | April 12, 2016 | 6 responses

  Do you know what’s in your bottle? You may have heard about the problems Jessica Alba and the Honest Company are facing. Due to what have turned out to be inaccurate claims in the Honest Company’s marketing materials, they are confronted with a potentially costly lawsuit as well as a dent in what had […]

how to organic certification skincare skin care

Organic Certification Choices – Which is Best For Your Products

Written by: | February 16, 2016 | one response

USDA Certified Organic Choices Some of the most frequent questions we hear at Essential are about getting products certified “organic.” Consumers and purveyors both love the USDA and the Oregon Tilth (OTCO) seals, and of course, want to have them on the outside of every bottle! Organic Certification increases your product’s cache in today’s skincare-glutted marketplace, […]

Integrity and Ingredients Part III – Purity & Quality

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Ingredient Quality – How do you Really Know? A simple Google search will return tens of thousands of results from companies claiming they have THE purest, most awesome, highest quality ingredients. Not everyone can be right, can they? The question becomes, how do you—without conducting your own lab experiments, really know if those ingredients are […]

Your Top Questions and Our Answers

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If you were to call our customer care line and ask “What’s the most popular product you carry?”, You might be surprised that it’s not an easy answer. It doesn’t take a marketing maven to know that what sells well for a baby brand might not be the best product to choose for a men’s […]