INCI Names List & Directory of Cosmetic Ingredients

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All cosmetic ingredient lists must use INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) names for all cosmetic ingredients. The use of trade or common names is not allowed on cosmetic ingredient lists.  INCI names are uniform scientific names.  INCI names are mandated on the ingredient statement of every consumer personal care product.

INCI is an international designation for the declaration of the ingredients on the packaging of cosmetics. The use of INCI minimizes the language barriers that often hinder consumer understanding and international trade. The INCI names are allocated by the American Cosmetic Association, Personal Care Products Council and are used internationally. The adoption of INCI terminology ensures that cosmetic ingredients are consistently listed using the same ingredient name from product to product.

In the U.S., the FDA requires that all cosmetics include a listing of ingredients using the standardized INCI name for each ingredient. INCI ingredient names on product labels allow consumers to easily compare the ingredients between multiple products, using a common language.  INCI ensures transparency in cosmetic ingredient disclosure.

INCI is required in America under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.  In Canada INCI is required by Food and Drugs Act and Cosmetic Regulations.  The declaration of the ingredients in accordance with the INCI system has been a legal requirement in the European Union since 1993.  The declaration of ingredients in cosmetics with the INCI name is required to be in descending order.

Do not be fooled into believing the idea that “if you can’t pronounce it, it can’t be good for you.” The cosmetic regulation laws were designed to insure consumer safety and to give the consumer a consistent means to identify the ingredient content of cosmetics.  All cosmetic ingredients therefore have scientific names that the majority of consumers cannot pronounce.  I still can’t pronounce Butyrospermum parkii, but Shea Butter is as safe as ingredients come.

Whether you can pronounce the INCI term or not, the use of INCI nomenclature is the law.  Here is a link to a downlable document that will allow you to look up the proper INCI term for any ingredient in your cosmetic product.

Please Find The INCI Names List Below

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