Brassica Glycerides – Ingredient Highlight

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Sustainability and responsible sourcing are cornerstones of the fast-growing natural beauty industry. Just last year, in response to the over-harvesting of palm, Brassica glycerides entered the market as an efficacious and sustainable alternative to palm.

Brassica glycerides are derived from 100% vegetable sources and are a palm-free. This is great news to the orangutangs whose natural habitat is being threatened. This non-toxic, plant-based ingredient is designed as a natural nonionic co-emulsifying, and structuring agent. This means that you now have an alternative to synthetic and palm based co-emulsifiers! As a co-emulsifier and structuring agent, brassica glycerides provide stability for formulations and also act as a viscosity adjuster. Brassica glycerides also have a mattifying effect meaning that they help your formulation achieve a powder soft skin feel.

Brassica glycerides are a versatile ingredient easily used in emulsions as well as in anhydrous systems. We’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with this new ingredient and 4 out 4 lab technicians agree, brassica glycerides perform very well in formulations! Ready to try using brassica glycerides? Try this recipe for Mega-Moisture Skin Stick.

Mega-Moisture Skin Stick
If you are someone who washes your hands often or just has extremely dry skin, this Mega Moisture Skin Balm is for you!

Equipment You’ll Need

  • Hot plate or stove top
  • Scale


0.61LBS           MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

0.08LBS           Shea Butter

0.16LBS           Yellow Beeswax

0.07LBS           Brassica Glycerides

0.04LBS           Cocoa Butter

0.03LBS           Sweet Almond Oil


Combine all ingredients and heat on stove top or hot plate until fully melted. Mix thoroughly and pour into deodorant tubes or large Sunstick tubes or jars.

Use as needed on dry hands, elbows, knees, feet or any other area needing mega moisture!



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