Demystifying Organic Certification

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Meeting the Increased Demand for Certified Organic Products The demand for certified organic ingredients and certified organic products seems to be getting greater by the day. At Essential Wholesale & Labs, we receive an almost constant stream of questions about organic ingredients, about formulating organic bases and about labeling and marketing organic products. It’s no […]

Synthetic vs. Natural Vitamins in Cosmetics

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  Vitamins are an important part of sustaining overall health. However, the value of natural vs. synthetic vitamins regarding our bodily health is debatable and controversial and ultimately beyond the scope of what we can discuss as a cosmetic manufacturer. We should all pay particular care to make sure we get the vitamins we need […]

FDA Small Businesses & Homemade Cosmetics: Fact Sheet

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The FDA has finally produced a fact sheet for small business & Homemade Cosmetics! The following is directly from the FDA website explaining some of the regulations around making and selling cosmetic products. 1. Does FDA regulate cosmetics?Yes. FDA regulates cosmetics under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Under this law, cosmetics […]

Aromatherapy Standards & “Grades”

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Contraversy surrounds the entire topic of essential oil grades.  If you have ever wondered why then just do a little research and you will see that you get different information from various sources, much of which is inaccurate or simply there as a marketing tool.  I always like to talk to Stephen who does all of our purchasing because he comes in contact with farmers, distributors, and experts in the field of aromatherapy everyday and he has been doing it for over 15 years.  I asked him to address the issue of essential oils standards.





There are regulated standards of quality by which natural products are evaluated. The one that comes to mind first is “certified organic”. In the United States the term certified organic refers to a material or product that has been cultivated and processed according to the National Organic Program (NOP) standards as defined by the USDA. Various agencies, such as Oregon Tilth, work directly with growers and manufacturers to assure that NOP standards are being met by all parties using the USDA label. These agencies monitor their client’s activity and address issues when guidelines are being overlooked or ignored.


Compliance Corner: Deciphering Ingredient Decks

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Deciphering Ingredient Decks   Deciphering Ingredient listings can be confusing, but if properly written they are fairly easy to interpret. The key to remember is that ingredients are listed in order of predominance starting with the ingredient used in the greatest quantity followed by the ingredient used at the next greatest quantity. Each ingredient must be […]

Essential Wholesale & Labs’ Certified Organic Peppermint Toner

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Essential Wholesale’s organically preserved Peppermint Toner is now certified organic by Oregon Tilth.   Based on cooling organic peppermint extract, this refreshing toner will  help cleanse and refresh skin. Organic vegetable glycerin locks in moisture while organic willow bark extract eases redness and irritation, and bolstered by a broad spectrum of natural alpha hydroxy acids […]

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Essential Wholesale & Labs offers Organically Preserved Bases

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Essential Wholesale & Labs offers Organically Preserved Bases. According to aesthetician Laura Badcock, “Essential Wholesale & Labs’ Organically Preserved Bases use a unique and innovative preservative system combining the properties of different herbs and flowers in certified organic grain alcohol creating a synergistic preservative system that will revolutionize natural products.”   Organically Preserved Bases include […]

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Essential Wholesale & Labs is pleased to present a new Bamboo Exfoliator!

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Bamboo Exfoliator (Bambusa Arundinacea Stem Extract) is a solidified organic silica extracted from the nodes of bamboo stems.   Bamboo Exfoliator’s whiteness makes it particularly easy to use in any kind of scrubs, crèmes and washes. It retains its firmness and color and gives a very gentle exfoliation ideal for body and facial exfoliation. Bamboo […]

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Calendula CO2 Extract

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Calendula CO2 Extract   Essential Wholesale & Lab’s  Calendula Flower Extract is obtained through supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, which is accomplished by subjecting the carbon dioxide to a temperature and pressure allowing the CO2 to maintain the characteristics of both a gas and liquid simultaneously. Supercritical extraction results in a particularly deep and thorough extraction […]

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DIY Shaving Soap Creme

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This DIY Shaving Soap Crème also makes a great hand soap and body wash!   You will need the following ingredients: ½ gallon (72 oz) Basic Concentrate Crème 2 cups (16 fl oz) Liquid Castile Soap 2 tsp (.5 oz) Tartaric Acid 3 tsp (.5 oz) Malic Acid 3 tsp (.5 oz) Glycolic Acid 10% Solution ¼ […]

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