Ready to Label Planner

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Ready to launch your own brand with our Ready to Label products? Congratulations! It’s the easiest way to start your own skin care company or try out a new product. It’s similar to white label products, you just create the label and apply it yourself. This guide lists our names for the product (but feel […]

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Sign Up & Plant a Tree

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As part of Essential’s ongoing sustainability initiative, with every newsletter sign up we receive for the month of March, we will give back to our natural world by planting a tree in an area of the world that needs it most. [activecampaign form=3]

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Essential’s Sustainability Commitment

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Our Sustainability Mission Sustainability is more than a buzz word at Essential. Essential’s sustainability commitment shows in our business practices, responsible sourcing, and in our giving back to the community. These efforts reflect our core values: every team member, every product, every day. Working together with our customers, suppliers, and business partners, we continually strive to […]

Summer Care of Natural Products

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It’s getting hot outside! It’s only May and we’re already experiencing record temperatures across the country.  While the sunny days are great for all-day outdoor activities or an overnight jaunt to the beach, they’re not so pleasant for your bulk natural products back at home.  Inside each box that ships from Essential Wholesale, you’ll find a handy “care & feeding” […]

Essential Labeling Guidelines for your Natural and Organic Skincare

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Making Labels for your Natural & Organic Skin Care As you might imagine, we see an awful lot of labels every year and some work better than others– at least in our opinion. Many, many more are beautiful and creative and invite consumers to pick up the bottle or jar and put it on their […]

Create High-Impact Labels for your Cosmetics!

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Best Practices and Resources for High-Impact Labels on your Cosmetic Bottles and Jars. Your package has a lot of work to do! It’s the first impression many of your customers will have and no matter how fabulous and fantastic your product is, if the label doesn’t sell it, no one will buy. Creating a striking, […]

Are you Ready for Holiday Shoppers?

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Are you Ready for Holiday Shoppers? If you have your holiday retail plan all worked out, congratulations. You’re ahead of the game, but not by much.  The good news is that there’s still time to have a big finish to your year with some quick planning and a few marketing activities. Think Small North Americans […]

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

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 Ask the Marketer: Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business Part 1: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram It seems like we hear about a new social media platform every day. While I know it’s not quite true, the reality is there are more social media platforms than any marketer can handle effectively. If you’re […]

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Ask the Marketer: Building Your Brand with YouTube

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Building Your Brand with YouTube by Alex Badcock, VP Marketing   You Can Stand Out on YouTube In 2014, YouTube officially became the Internet’s 2nd largest search engine. With 1 billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, standing out on YouTube might seem impossible to small and midsize businesses. But YouTube is […]

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The Wonderful World of Sourcing

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One night last week, I was online looking for a gift for Mother’s Day and I mused at the ease I was able to navigate the many sites evaluating products, pricing and delivery options. I spent a total of 45 minutes comparing sites and narrowing choices and finally placing my purchase in an online shopping cart and entering my credit card information. Presto! 2 days later the item is at my doorstep and my shopping experience is complete.

In our world of sourcing ingredients to make the quality products that we produce here at Essential Wholesale & Labs, we experience a much different reality. It would be so simple to look online and with a few mouse clicks, source the never-ending stream of raw ingredients that are required to maintain our business needs. The reality is that we source about 1700 raw ingredients to manufacture over 8000 formulations and variations of items that we sell on our website and to our Private Label customer base.