Aromatherapy Scenting Guide

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Scenting with Essential Oils

Scenting oils and lotions and other skincare products are a great way to introduce aromatherapy into your skincare and body care lines.

(Note: Download our aromatherapy scenting guide and use it any time you need it.)

While each of us have our own preferences, there are industry guidelines for scenting products with Essential or Fragrance Oils. It’s best to start scenting with a portion of your base so you can get an idea of how strong you will want the final product. It’s easier to add more scent than it is to remove it. And as always, keep notes while you are creating. It is vital for a consistent product, especially when sizing up to larger batches.

Another safeguard is to use one pipette per EO. Don’t reuse the same pipette in different essential oil bottles.  While I like using glass, I find it is less risky to use plastic pipettes and throw them away after each use.

Good luck!


Aromatherapy Scenting Guide – (Find a more complete guide here).

Astringents, Toners & Splashes: 0.25% – 0.75%
Bath Salts & Powders: 0.25% – 1.0%
Conditioners: 0.50% – 1.0%
Jellies: 0.25% – 1.0%
Lotions & Crèmes: 0.25% – 1.5% (Depending on face or body)
Masques: 0.25% – 1.0%
Melt & Pour Lip Balm: 0.50% – 1.5%
Melt & Pour Soap: 0.50% – 3.0%
Serums: 0.25% – 1.0%
Shampoos, Gels, Household & Laundry: 0.25% – 1.5%

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