Crafter’s Lotion Stick

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Working with your hands is part of the fun of making your own products. When you’re working and your hands get dry, lotions are out of the question as they can leave a greasy residue on your palms and fingers. Enter the crafter’s lotion stick, which applies moisture to the backs of your hands without the residue, resulting in clean and hydrated hands.

Equipment List

  • hot plate or stove top
  • kitchen scale


Mixing It Up


1.    Combine all ingredients and heat on stove top or hot plate until fully melted.

2.    Mix thoroughly and pour into deodorant tubes or large Sunstick tubes or jars.


Storage and Use

Use as needed on the backs of hands, elbows, knees, feet or any other area! 


Makes approximately one pound.

Watch A How To Video

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