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Carrier Oils – Overview and Substitution Guide

Fall Harvest Ingredients for Beautiful Skin and Hair

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The High Cost of Lavender (and Other Ingredients)

Written by: | December 10, 2018 | 2 responses

The price of Lavender Essential Oil has gone up again this month – another 12% on average. This huge jump follows similar increases in price each of the last three months.  Our suppliers tell us to not expect to see price, or availability, relief until next summer when the new crop is out.  This means that […]

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Extracts, Distillates, Hydrosols, and Tinctures – What are they and What’s the Difference?

Written by: | November 30, 2018 | 12 responses

Extracts, Distillates, Hydrosols, and Tinctures are effective and fun ingredients to use in your skincare. They can add color, scent, and can even replace water to add extra beneficial attributes to your formulations, but you may be asking yourself “What exactly are extracts, hydrosols, distillates and tinctures and what’s the difference between them?” You’re not […]

A Trend Towards Sustainability – Water Use in Cosmetics

Written by: | November 27, 2018 | Leave a Comment

We all know that sustainability is in, and many brands have been working hard to ensure they are formulating with less water. As it becomes a more protected resource, brands will have to make considerations for how that will impact their product choices. The industry will most likely be seeing an increase in anhydrous (water-free) […]

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Easy to Make Custom Liquid Foundations!

Written by: | November 20, 2018 | 2 responses

Essential Wholesale & Labs’ liquid foundations are truly unique. We have one-of-a-kind liquid makeup that is not only high in antioxidants Rosemary Extract but is also packed with nourishing ingredients for the skin. Soothing organic Aloe Juice, skin conditioning cold pressed Carrot Seed Oil, balancing Golden Jojoba, firming DMAE, smoothing and softening MSM and moisturizing Meadow Foam Seed […]

Food in Skincare – Seasonal & Inspiring Favorites!

Written by: | November 19, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Embrace foods not just for holiday meals, but as wonderful ingredients for your skin! This week we’re reviewing some of our favorite foods in skincare from the current season, most of which thrive in the Pacific Northwest as well. Then we’ll jump below the equator and acknowledge some of the other foods in season from […]

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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Written by: | November 16, 2018 | Leave a Comment

During this time of year, you may enjoy delicious fall snacks like roasted pumpkin seeds. These delicious and nutritious seeds also produce a rich oil that makes a fantastic ingredient in hair and skincare–it’s pumpkin seed oil! All the nutrients in pumpkin seeds that make them nutritious also make them a great ingredient in skin care. Improves […]

Banana for Stunning Skin & Hair

Written by: | November 9, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Growing up my parents always kept our kitchen stocked with staples like carrots, celery, apples, and bananas. All of the kids in the neighborhood knew that they could grab a snack at our house, and we usually chose banana. What’s not to love, they come in their own wrapper, they are delicious, and they give […]

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2019 Skincare Trends

Written by: | November 5, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Looking to the future of beauty, we see technology, water scarcity, ingredient sustainability and overall environmental responsibility all influencing consumer behavior and their brand choices. While natural and organic ingredients continue to hold the spotlight, so, too, is there an increasing reliance on green chemistry. Now is the time to tackle these upcoming skincare trends […]

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Skin Soothing Oatmeal

Written by: | November 1, 2018 | 4 responses

Oatmeal comes from a simple grain and yet this unsung hero of the grain world is bursting with vital nutrients such as manganese, phosphorus, copper, biotin, vitamin B1, magnesium, dietary fiber, chromium, and zinc. Oatmeal is amazingly one of the only foods to retain most of its nutrients through processing. Virtually all oatmeal that is […]

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Skincare Packaging Basics: Choosing the Right Material for your Product

Written by: | October 30, 2018 | 2 responses

When you are getting ready to choose your skincare packaging — which we recommend you do as early in your skincare launch plan as possible– you’ll want to pay attention to the material of that package and how it will, or won’t react with your product. Natural, green skincare products are full of great ingredients […]

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