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DIY Basics: Making Cosmetics at Home

5 Point Checklist – Are Your Labels FDA Compliant?

DIY Mint & Eucalyptus Bath Melt

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Ready to relax with this mint and eucalyptus bath melt? This delightful and simple recipe is solid enough to not melt in your hands, yet melts easily in a nice hot bath. The cooling sensation of menthol in concert with the hot bath water creates the perfect soothing cold/hot bath for sore muscles. The sweet […]

Recipe: Pumpkin & Squalane Hair Oil

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Pumpkin & Squalane Hair Oil Dry hair is a common complaint, and issues tend to worsen during the harsh winter weather months. Combat that dry, damaged-looking, staticky hair with this luxurious hair oil recipe! Using lightweight, shine-boosting squalane, rich and nourishing pumpkin seed oil, and luxurious rosehip seed oil, this formula can be customized to […]

What is Squalane & How to Use It

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Squalane has become incredibly popular in skin and hair care, and this lightweight oil is an excellent addition to many serums and moisturizers. What is Squalane, and What’s the Difference Between Squalane and Squalene? You’ve likely seen squalane populating ingredient lists in skin care products, or perhaps even earning the title spot on serums. It’s […]

How to Make Your Own Enfleurage (extracting scent from flowers)

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An enfleurage is a method to extract the aroma of flowers into a usable oil base. This base can be used as-is, depending on your carrier oil of choice, or mixed into a formulation in the oil phase (again depending on the carrier base used). In this recipe we recommend using Babassu Oil or Coconut […]

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How to Make a Luxurious Orange Blossom Antioxidant Mask

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This luxurious orange blossom mask is rich in antioxidants from Vitamin C and Matcha, purifies with French Green Clay, and has a rich and amazing scent from Neroli (orange blossom). Using a facial mask on a regular basis will keep your skin soft, smooth, and pampered, and this mask is no exception. Follow along with […]

How to Make an Organic Matcha Mint Toner

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USDA Certified Organic Matcha is a Japanese green tea that brings the benefits of caffeine and powerful antioxidants. Combine this amazing tea with the powerful nutrients in the Peppermint Toner, and you have the perfect, refreshing, and uplifting organic matcha mint toner for all skin types! Matcha is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, working to […]

Fixing your DIY Gels, Shampoos & Washes

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Do you need to fix your gel or wash? Adding too much essential oil or extract to your Gel or Shampoo & Body Wash can break the gel consistency turning your once thick and luscious wash into a runny liquid. It is possible to recover the gel consistency with the following method, however, it is […]

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Recipe: Whipped Massage Gel

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This Whipped Massage Gel is a great alternative to massage balms and oils. The soothing Lavender Gel serves as a great base for lightweight, yet nourishing oils but the real magic happens with the Muscle Essential Oil Blend – carefully crafted to provide relief for tired muscles. This lightweight gel is also great to use […]

How to Care for Dry Skin

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Do you have dry skin? Are you creating a line of products to cater to customers with dry skin? We have a suite of products ideal for those who need extra moisture and emollients, and this blog walks you through the basics of skin care for dry skin. What skin type do you have? Many […]

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Dry Body Oil Recipe – Summer After Bath Oil

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Looking for the nutrients of plant oils without the greasy feeling? Try this excellent Dry Body Oil Recipe that you can easily customize with different scents. Dry oils are great after a bath—they are designed to help moisturize the skin while absorbing quickly and avoiding oiliness. Because of this quick absorption they are called dry […]