Natural Fragrance Oils – Non-Essential Oil Ways to Scent

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Sensational Scents without Essential Oils We are truly living in a wonderful time for natural and organic products. Consumer demand is driving innovation in creating sustainable and natural ways to attain fragrances that have been out of reach for those wishing to steer clear of harsh, synthetic chemicals. With increased demand, more time, effort, and […]

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Introducing Aroma Delights – 100% Natural Fragrance Oils

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Introducing Lingonberry and Blueberry Aroma Delights   The wait is over!! After much research and due diligence, Essential is proud to bring you 100% natural fragrance oils or as we like to call them; Aroma Delights. Essential has partnered with a highly respected, top quality perfume house whose philosophy and commitment to natural ingredients meets our high […]

Recipes using Blueberry 100% Natural Fragrance Oil

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We’re Excited about Blueberry 100% Natural Fragrance Oil   It isn’t often we bring in an ingredient that everyone loves. LOVES! Our customer service staff, our shipping and receiving team, our compounders, and the entire marketing teams went a little nuts over our Natural Fragrance Oils. If you haven’t heard yet, you can learn about […]

Recipes using Lingonberry 100% Natural Fragrance Oil

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  Creating with Lingonberry 100% Natural Fragrance Oil If you haven’t heard the great news that we are now offering 100% Natural Fragrance Oils, you’ll be in for a treat. You can read about our work with an internationally acclaimed perfume house to create our Lingonberry Natural Fragrance Oil and our Blueberry Natural Fragrance Oil. […]