Scotch Pine Essential Oil

Scotch Pine Essential Oil

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The triangular, full shape of the young Scotch pine makes for a picture perfect Christmas tree, but did you know this beautiful tree also produces essential oil? Scotch pine essential oil smells sweet and piney, just like a fresh cut Christmas tree, and not anything like the commercial “pine” household cleansers you’re used to. What’s more, […]

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Hiba Essential Oil

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The Japanese consider the Hiba or Asnaro to be a  sacred tree with precious wood, in fact, they have a saying about using Hiba wood in the construction of sacred Shinto shrines and homes: “A house made of Hiba will have no termites for years.” It’s the distinct combination of terpenes and other components that give […]

Essential Oil Blends for Winter

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Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re already walking through fallen leaves under wet, gray skies. Our umbrellas are out and, too, are our rain boots. The air is thick with pine and cedar, and the markets are full of red apples, pumpkins, pomegranates, walnuts, candy canes, and gingerbread people. Naturally, my mind turns to the Essential […]

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Holiday Spice Essential Oil Blend

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Autumn is that beautiful time of the year when leaves start to fall and signal that the holidays are just around the corner! We’re all starting to crave cozy evenings by the fireplace, snowy days spent baking (or making skin and body care products) and sipping hot apple cider (or mulled wine). It’s a special time […]

The Magic and Joy of Jasmine Absolute

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Often called the King of Flowers, the heady scent of jasmine in the cool night air is unlike anything else in the world. Along with rose, the Queen of Flowers, and orange blossom, jasmine absolute is considered one of the very finest of scents and has enticed and delighted people from different cultures and regions […]

Creating Spa Rituals

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Boost your Business with Customer-Centered Spa Journeys As a business, one of the most important activities you do is deciding what products and services to offer. Furthermore, as a business with lots of competition, it is harder– and nowadays even more important, to stand out. Listing massage, facials, or body treatment options by duration and type […]

Essential Oils — Beyond the Pleasing Aromas

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Essential Oils — More than Just A Pleasing Aroma Essential Oils are fabulous. We all love them for their amazing power to uplift, calm, delight, and fascinate our spirits. We blend them together to get a unique scent profile for ourselves, and even for our pets! I love using our Pet EO Blend of Cypress, […]

The End of Citrus Essential Oils?

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There is a terrible problem with citrus crops, and it could mean the end of affordable citrus fruit and citrus essential oils if it isn’t solved soon. Citrus Greening also known as HLB (HuángLóngBìng) or Yellow Dragon Disease, is a serious and fatal disease threatening citrus production in many regions around the globe including Asia, […]

100% Natural Fragrance Oil? YES!

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Fragrance oils, aromatic oils or perfume oils as they are sometimes called, are usually defined as synthetically manufactured scents specifically designed to mimic a naturally occurring scent. Fragrance oils in the past were exclusively manmade, synthetic chemical reproductions of our favorite fragrances found in nature. If you read pretty much any natural product blog about […]

Romance Aromatherapy – Get your Valentine On!

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When thinking about love and romance, you mustn’t forget the power of Aromatherapy. Stimulating your lover’s sense of smell can add fun and excitement to your romantic life. You can set the mood by creating a romantic, relaxed and sensual atmosphere by lighting some candles, and diffusing the right blend of essential oils. Scents that […]