Sustainable Babassu Oil – A Fantastic Alternative to Palm Oil

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If you’ve been looking for an environmentally responsible alternative to palm oil, our USDA Certified Organic Babassu oil may become your new favorite oil. This beautifully clear, light-yellow oil is higher in lauric acid than coconut oil. Lauric acid is a fantastic moisturizer that also soothes the skin and hair, and has a very slight bay leaf scent. Sustainable […]

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Certified Organic Cocoa Butter Wafers + DIY Recipe

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Cocoa butter wafers are easy to work with and the results are heavenly. Cocoa has a long and passionate history. It is believed that either the ancient Olmec or the Maya were the first to cultivate fruit from the cacao tree around 1000 B.C.E.  According to one of the legends, cacao cultivation was initiated by the […]

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Brassica Glycerides – Ingredient Highlight

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Sustainability and responsible sourcing are cornerstones of the fast-growing natural beauty industry. Just last year, in response to the over-harvesting of palm, Brassica glycerides entered the market as an efficacious and sustainable alternative to palm. Brassica glycerides are derived from 100% vegetable sources and are a palm-free. This is great news to the orangutangs whose natural […]

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Cold Pressed Strawberry Seed Oil

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Strawberries are arguably one of the most fragrant and delicious berries on earth, but did you know that the little seeds on those tasty berries make an amazing oil? Sweet Nourishment Strawberry Seed Oil is a rich source of vitamins A, B, and E. This dark green oil has many skin-loving vitamins, minerals and fatty acids […]

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Certified Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil

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Deep in the desert–perhaps the least likely place on earth– grows a hearty cactus that is able to stay green and thrive in extremely harsh, dry, and arid conditions. The prickly pear cactus, also referred to as barbary fig, is a member of the Cactaceae family.  The cactus has long attracted the attention of ancient people who […]

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USDA Certified Organic Emulsifying Wax – Ingredient Highlight

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If you read the label on the back of most lotion or creme bottles, you’ll likely find emulsifying wax listed among the ingredients.  What exactly is it, what does it do, and why is it so widely used in cosmetic formulations? Emulsifying wax binds together oil and water, and does it so effectively that it […]

Scotch Pine Essential Oil

Scotch Pine Essential Oil

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The triangular, full shape of the young Scotch pine makes for a picture perfect Christmas tree, but did you know this beautiful tree also produces essential oil? Scotch pine essential oil smells sweet and piney, just like a fresh cut Christmas tree, and not anything like the commercial “pine” household cleansers you’re used to. What’s more, […]

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Sourcing Our Natural Ingredients

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We sat down with Essential Wholesale’s head Buyer, Michelle Falls, to inquire about the process of carefully sourcing the quality ingredients for sale and in products sold at Essential Wholesale & Labs. Q:       What factors do you consider when deciding where to source ingredients used + sold at Essential Wholesale? A:  Safety of the ingredients is my utmost concern. I also evaluate the […]

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Hiba Essential Oil

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The Japanese consider the Hiba or Asnaro to be a  sacred tree with precious wood, in fact, they have a saying about using Hiba wood in the construction of sacred Shinto shrines and homes: “A house made of Hiba will have no termites for years.” It’s the distinct combination of terpenes and other components that give […]

Tamanu Foraha Oil – Ingredient Highlight

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Tamanu oil is a mysterious, tropical oil discovered by Melanesian and Polynesian people centuries ago, and is only now beginning to attract attention from the beauty industry. Tamanu oil is at the cutting edge of emerging skincare products–and for good reason–its benefits are truly remarkable! Tamanu Oil Tamanu oil is different than any other oil available, as it contains three […]

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