Favorite Quotes from Essential Wholesale Employees

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We asked all the Essential Wholesale employees to submit their favorite comment(s) to be posted if interested. The responses are below!

Quotes test final


“Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.”      

-Yehudi Menuhin

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Meet Kathy Steinbock, Cert. Aroma, RA

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  Kathy Steinbock is our resident Certified Aromatherapist and is Nationally Registered through the Aromatherapy Registration Council. Kathy is an account manager at Essential Wholesale & Labs helping private label and custom manufacturing clients create the exact scent profile they want. Kathy also provides assistance to our wholesale customers who are looking to scent one […]

Meet Iresha – Superstar Filler

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Meet Iresha, She’s a superstar in our filling department and an absolute joy to work with. You will rarely see her without a big smile!     What do you do here? “I fill products into our customer’s packaging.” Iresha also makes it a fun job, always laughing and smiling while she works, it’s downright […]

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Meet Ryan, Formulator and Lab Technician

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Meet Ryan, He’s been a Formulator and Lab Technician with Essential Wholesale & Labs since 2009. He’s known around here for his sense of humor, creativity, and collaborative nature. He also has some pretty cool bikes, we’re always looking to see which one he’s riding on any given day! What do you do here? I […]

Essential Employee Spotlight – Travis Culley, Quality Assurance

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There are many great people that come together to create high quality Essential products. Meet Travis Culley, Quality Assurance Manager at Essential. Travis has been working with Essential since 2012.   What do you do here? It is my job to make certain we have a consistent product from batch to batch.  I test the […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Jose Albarran

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Jose Albarran is a long time employee and one of the hardest workers in our warehouse. He is not only an amazing worker, but also integral to training new temp workers that help us out during busy parts of the year. He is our lead order puller, guiding the process of getting your order filled and in the hands of our shipping department. It was evident to me from the first order I brought to Jose how much he cares that each customer gets exactly what they ordered, and in top shape and form.



Jose originally came from Mexico to the United States in 1984 and now has full citizenship. After starting with us as a temporary worker he was hired on permanently because of his caring, conscientious, no-nonsense work ethic.

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