Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with Essential!

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A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on Earth once every year or two.  On August 21, 2017, the sun and the moon align again, giving Americans a front row seat to a rare celestial event—a total solar eclipse. June 8, 1918, was the last time solar eclipse totality crossed the United States from the Pacific to the Atlantic, beginning […]

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Essential’s Product Attributes

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Have you ever shopped online for skin, body, or hair care products, only to feel utterly confused about whether the product you’re considering is actually safe for you or your family? Perhaps the product’s ingredient deck (INCI) is buried on the webpage, or the words “all-natural” just don’t give you enough information  about the product’s certification to put you at […]

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Essential Gets Leaping Bunny Certified

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Are you a consumer who consciously supports companies that sell ‘cruelty-free’ cosmetic products? Maybe you run your own natural & organic cosmetics company and hope to gain cruelty-free certification for your business?  In either case, it is important to understand how to spot products that are affiliated with a legitimate certifying body, and how to gain a ‘cruelty-free’ certification designation […]

100% Natural Fragrance Oil? YES!

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Fragrance oils, aromatic oils or perfume oils as they are sometimes called, are usually defined as synthetically manufactured scents specifically designed to mimic a naturally occurring scent. Fragrance oils in the past were exclusively manmade, synthetic chemical reproductions of our favorite fragrances found in nature. If you read pretty much any natural product blog about […]

Integrity and Ingredients Part III – Purity & Quality

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Ingredient Quality – How do you Really Know? A simple Google search will return tens of thousands of results from companies claiming they have THE purest, most awesome, highest quality ingredients. Not everyone can be right, can they? The question becomes, how do you—without conducting your own lab experiments, really know if those ingredients are […]

Amber bottles for Essential Oils.

Integrity and Ingredients – Part II

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In Part I of Integrity and Ingredients we talked about how Essential intentionally steers away from the common practice of “fairy dusting” for the sake of an ingredient deck and instead chooses to use ingredients in efficacious amounts when formulating. Part II of Integrity and Ingredients is all about how we source ingredients. Ingredient Sources […]

Integrity and Ingredients – Part I

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With the projected steep rise in natural and organic cosmetic and skin care revenues over the next five years, it’s no surprise that more companies are entering the natural and organic market. With the pressure of increased competition, some companies are resorting to any means possible to get the sale. Some of the most common […]

Your Top Questions and Our Answers

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If you were to call our customer care line and ask “What’s the most popular product you carry?”, You might be surprised that it’s not an easy answer. It doesn’t take a marketing maven to know that what sells well for a baby brand might not be the best product to choose for a men’s […]

Packaging – When is 8 ounces not 8 ounces?

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  When selecting cosmetic packaging it is necessary to consider that advertised sizing is only a rough approximation of the quantity of product that will fit in the packaging. An eight-ounce bottle, for example, is described as “8 oz.” because it will fit 8 oz. of water. Cosmetic products, including lotions, crèmes, facial cleansers, serums, scrubs, etc. […]

Preserving Natural Cosmetics with Phenoxyethanol and EDTA

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  Preserving Cosmetics: Phenoxyethanol & EDTA Preservative systems are specially designed to reduce the likelihood of a product growing unwanted bacteria and mold. In the organic and naturally derived skin care world, we are more careful about the preservative systems we use and at Essential Wholesale & Labs, one of the go-to systems we use […]