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  When selecting cosmetic packaging it is necessary to consider that advertised sizing is only a rough approximation of the quantity of product that will fit in the packaging. An eight-ounce bottle, for example, is described as “8 oz.” because it will fit 8 oz. of water. Cosmetic products, including lotions, crèmes, facial cleansers, serums, scrubs, etc…. Read more »


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We asked all the Essential Wholesale employees to submit their favorite comment(s) to be posted if interested. The responses are below!

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“Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.”      

-Yehudi Menuhin


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Essential Oils for Winter Gifts In the Pacific Northwest, winter has us all reaching for great hydrating oils, crèmes, lotions, and balms to keep our skin, feet, and hair feeling and looking their best. Many of us are using diffusers to freshen our homes and banish that ‘stale’ feeling when windows and doors shut tight… Read more »

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The cool weather of fall and winter can be rough on your skin.  Even though around the country the climates vary, the problems our skin experiences are similar.  In the fall and winter your skin deals with a lot of harsh environments, strong winds, cold air, indoor heaters, rain, snow, sleet and an overall lack of a good healthy dose of sunlight. 


These seasons cause dry skin that can become chapped and cracked.  But have no fear the cures to your skin’s ailments are simple.  Your skin’s goals when it is cold out should be to moisturize, exfoliate and moisturize again.  Keep moisture in mind with all the choices you make in your skin care regime.  Your skin functions differently in the cooler months so you need to change your routines. 


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Whether you’re building your business, creating products for friends and family, our exercising your creative gene, saving money is always a welcome surprise. This year Essential continues our 20 Days of Savings with Cyber November. Every day in November one or more product categories will be 20% off. Cremes, Lotions, Serums, Salts, Scrubs, and Splash… Read more »


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Pumpkin Isn’t Just for Pie! Growing up, Thanksgiving was my favorite time of year. It meant a day with my cousins (and Aunts and Uncles), football, before-dinner snacks and my mother’s Pumpkin Pie. As I got older, my sister became the pie maker, and I became the quick bread maker, featuring, of course, pumpkin. I… Read more »

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  Preserving Cosmetics: Phenoxyethanol & EDTA Preservative systems are specially designed to reduce the likelihood of a product growing unwanted bacteria and mold. In the organic and naturally derived skin care world, we are more careful about the preservative systems we use and at Essential Wholesale & Labs, one of the go-to systems we use… Read more »


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USDA Certified Organic Turmeric and Neem Scrub is now sitting on the bathtub rim. Have you found the perfect scrub? That all-time go to scrub to buff, exfoliate, moisturize and leave your skin, elbows, knees, ankles and arms feeling divine? Well, I haven’t, either. But because I don’t keep trying! I love using scrubs and polishes… Read more »


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Contraversy surrounds the entire topic of essential oil grades.  If you have ever wondered why then just do a little research and you will see that you get different information from various sources, much of which is inaccurate or simply there as a marketing tool.  I always like to talk to Stephen who does all of our purchasing because he comes in contact with farmers, distributors, and experts in the field of aromatherapy everyday and he has been doing it for over 15 years.  I asked him to address the issue of essential oils standards.





There are regulated standards of quality by which natural products are evaluated. The one that comes to mind first is “certified organic”. In the United States the term certified organic refers to a material or product that has been cultivated and processed according to the National Organic Program (NOP) standards as defined by the USDA. Various agencies, such as Oregon Tilth, work directly with growers and manufacturers to assure that NOP standards are being met by all parties using the USDA label. These agencies monitor their client’s activity and address issues when guidelines are being overlooked or ignored.