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Deciphering Ingredient Lists by Steven Borden, Compliance Officer Deciphering Ingredient listings can be confusing, but if properly written they are fairly easy to interpret. The key to remember is that ingredients are listed in order of predominance starting with the ingredient used in the greatest quantity followed by the ingredient used at the next greatest… Read more »


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Packaging for Brand, Beauty, and Business by Brenda do Vale, Account Executive I confess, I’m tempted by gorgeous packing. As the first impression your products makes, packaging matters. So today I want to talk about seven areas you’ll want to work through as you choose packaging for your skin care products. Packaging Matters More Than We… Read more »


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  Industry Guidelines These are industry guidelines for scenting bulk bases with Essential or Fragrance Oils. It’s best to start scenting with a portion of your base so you can get an idea of how strong you will want the final product. It’s easier to add more scent than it is to remove it. And… Read more »

Natural and Organic Wholesale for Mature Skin

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  Introducing the Pure Indulgence Collection  Natural Products for Mature Skin The Pure Indulgence Collection was hand-selected to offer a luscious and efficacious line for daily use. Created to balance and delight your senses, this beautiful line is rich in Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Essential Oils to quench thirsty skin. In this collection is the new… Read more »

Silky Luminous Lotion Natural and Organic Solutions for Mature Skin

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Introducing our Newest Product: Silky Luminous Lotion Every once in a while a product comes along that everyone flips for. The over-25 crowd swoons about how this lotion makes their skin look and feel. The champagne color is delicate and fun. Created specifically for mature skin, but anyone wanting to get a little extra glow… Read more »


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Banana Hair Masque: Rescue your Hair and a Banana Hair can take a real beating during summer. Sun, chlorine, salt water, and activity all take their toll. But there’s an easy answer. If you’ve got 3o minutes, we can give you a shine! One of the greatest ingredients for conditioning your hair can be found… Read more »


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Natural Zinc Deodorant Recipe We’ve updated this recipe for summer 2015. This all-natural alternative to typical aluminum-based deodorants is both eco-friendly and effective at fighting body odor. It’s easy to make at home with no special equipment.   Ingredients 6 oz yellow beeswax prills 8 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) (Meadowfoam Oil and Jojoba oil are both good alternatives)… Read more »

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It’s getting hot outside! July 4th is traditionally a long weekend (even for business owners) spent with family and friends outside, soaking in the sun. While the heat is great for all-day outdoor activities or an overnight jaunt to wherever, your product back at home may not be enjoying it as much. We have included the following… Read more »